Skin Rejuvenation in a Spa!

Welcome to Skin Suite Rx, the premier medspa located at the Chino Spectrum, Towne Center. From the moment you walk in to our luxurious spa-like medspa facility, you will understand what sets Skin Suite Rx apart from other facilities that offer skin rejuvenation treatments. Your comfort, convenience, and satisfaction are our main goals. Our services are personalized and are designed to provide you the best possible skin rejuvenation results!

Skin Suite Rx offers you the latest state-of-the-art technology for some of the most advanced skin care treatments and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements available in the world today. To ensure your satisfaction and safety, our various skin rejuvenation treatments are FDA approved and proven effective in reducing the visible signs of aging, restoring skin vitality and improving overall skin appearance. 

Your safety and satisfaction come first, and we take no chances. Each member of our medical staff is extensively trained in all the procedures we offer. Our medical procedures are expertly delivered by licensed medical professionals, under the supervision of the Owner, Waleed Ibrahim, M.D., Medical Director, Dr. James Kojian and Managing Director, Mitra Golbidi. You can be sure you are getting expert service every time!

Thank you for considering Skin Suite Rx as your skin rejuvenation destination. For more information or to book your appointment, please call (909) 902-1988.

Waleed Ibrahim, M.D. Owner and Medical Director

Waleed Ibrahim, M.D.

Dr. Ibrahim has been specializing in medical cosmetic solutions for over 20 years and is recognized in the area as a specialist in providing patients with the best treatments available to achieve our valued clients' goals.


Dr. James Kojian

Dr. Kojian is a Board Certified M.D., Anti-Agin/Longevity expert and Medical Consultant at Skin Suite Rx. For years, Dr. Kojian has been an industry leader in the practice and training of injectables and cosmetic outpatient treatments.


Mitra Golbidi
Managing Director

Mitra is an inspiration to professional women everywhere. Originally, her career started in the world of engineering semiconductor design, working for many Fortune 100 companies such as Apple, Intel Corporation and Cisco Systems on many cutting edge technologies.

Mitra leveraged her unique problem solving skills as exciting new trends began to emerge in the market of beauty. Being raised in a family of doctors, coupled with knowledge of engineering and lasers, made her a passionate proponent for Anti-Aging, Laser, Beauty & Health solutions. But realizing that engineering alone was not sufficient towards this end Mitra set out to work in an environment to help women and men achieve their ideal beauty aesthetic with non-invasive services. At the end of the day, it is people that help make life better for others, which requires an investment in amazing people, professional courtesy, talent and above all, passion for the customer’s desires.

“Be Amazing, be beautiful.” It is possible at Skin Suite Rx, with Mitra as your guide.